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A few helpful guidelines

Hi, I am Anton.
I love eating and making chocolate and wanted to give some tips on how to enjoy my chocolate products at their best.
On all my chocolate products you will see, ‘Store in a dry place. Protect from heat & strong odours.’ I often get asked, 'Why?' The reasons are, chocolate does not like heat, direct sunshine, strong light, damp, nor cold.
Storing your chocolate for optimum freshness and taste is easy, providing you follow a few guidelines.
Chocolate is an excellent absorber of odours. This is a good reason to store your chocolate away from strong smells and flavours, even to the point of storing, strong flavoured chocolate away from your other chocolate. A good rule is, if you can smell the flavour, store it separate to those bars, or chocolates, you cannot smell.
None of my chocolate products like to be refrigerated, especially filled chocolates. The only exception to this is, if you prefer eating your chocolate direct from the fridge, but please note; cooling chocolate may diminish the flavour. If stored in a fridge, you run the risk when taking your chocolate out of the cold environment, of condensation appearing on it, and this in turn, might turn your chocolate white with sugar bloom.
Chocolate does not like sunshine, or being in a hot place. My chocolate products should ideally be stored in a dark place and at a temperature of 17-23°C. Higher temperatures may turn the chocolate white with a fat bloom.
I know a lot of you eat your chocolate straight away. Why waste space on storage!

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