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Luxury Chocolate For You by Anton Hazelle

Over 50 years ago, Anton started getting interested in chocolate. How did they get liquid alcohol into those chocolates with the sugary shell and chocolate coating? Anton had already made toffee, fudge, caramel and other boiled sugar confections, using recipes handed down from his Grandmother and Great Grandmother, and inventing new recipes of his own. Anton started experimenting with chocolate, learning how to temper chocolate on marble. Anton then made chocolates at Christmas for friends and relations. Each year the chocolates got a little better and more exotic.
Years later in 2008, Anton and Hazelle got engaged and were founding Directors of Anton Hazelle Limited, which now trades as Luxury Chocolate For You.
Anton and Hazelle, now married, currently work together as Artisan Chocolatiers, handcrafting luxury chocolate bars and chocolate gifts in their workshop in the Chiltern Hills, near Princes Risborough. We sell our products online, at events and through our stockists. We make over 265 different 100g bars from our own recipes and are known for our range of chocolate, inclusions and flavours. We also produce to order bespoke bars for weddings, anniversaries, parties, business gifts and corporate events.
Anton and Hazelle continue to research about chocolate, inclusions and flavours. We are developing new recipes for future bars and chocolates.

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